mkCDrec Make CD-ROM Recovery

The file contains modifiable parameters (and non modifiable too). In normal circumstances it should be the only file which may be edited by the end-user. Following table gives an overview of modifiable parameters and their meaning or impact. Always run "make test" for advise about values.

There is a second configuration file which mkcdrec reads (if it exists): /etc/mkcdrec.conf. This configuration contains usually a sub-set of of what the end-user whiches to keep across upgrades, e.g. the BOOTARCH, ISOFS_DIR, CDREC_ISO_DIR, SCSIDEV and other parameters. The /etc/mkcdrec.conf file is not created automatically, but is created manually by the end-user.

Keyword Explanation
Intel x86, IA64, x86_64, new powermac and sparc (default x86)
RAMDISK_SIZE Size of the base ramdisk (default is 64 Mb, minimum is 16 Mb).
DEBUG If DEBUG=echo than no damage can be done at the system disks. Default is empty string (or no debugging).
PATH The PATH will be used to search for executables to be included in the RAM disks
ISOFS_DIR The temporary directory where all the necessary files will put aside to burn on CDR. Default is /tmp/backup
Warning: content will be wiped out with a "make clean"
LINUX_KERNEL Location of the linux kernel (absolute path) which is usefull in case you want to experiment with an alternative kernel instead of the running kernel. By default the string is empty, which means mkCDrec will locate and use the running kernel.
The mkcdrec.log file contains the value of the copied kernel. If this does not match with the reality then fill in the correct kernel value in LINUX_KERNEL.
MKCDREC_DIR is the same as $basedir (do not change it)
CDREC_ISO_DIR The location where 'CDrec.iso' ISO9660 images will be made. Default is "/tmp"
PROMPT_BOOT_FLOPPY To prompt to create also a boot 1.44 Mb floppy say "1" (no is "0"). Default is 0.
BOOT_FLOPPY_DENSITY High density (1.44 Mb) = HD. Extended density (2.88 Mb) = ED. For bigger kernels such as Linux 2.4 it may be necessary to define ED. By defining ED it will not be possible anymore to create a physical boot floppy (only El Torito 2.88 Mb emulation on CD-ROM). Default is ED.
TAPE_DEV Fill in a no-rewinding tape device if any (optional). Tape device can be one of the following formats: 
  • /dev/nst0   (a local attachted SCSI tape drive)
  • remote_host:/dev/rmt/0mn  (a remote tape drive)
  • remote_hosts:FILE  (only useful if there is only 1 partition to backup)
MT /bin/mt (from mt-st package. Do not use GNU mt.
TapeDensity String with hexadecimal tape density. Use "mt densities" to view the existing list. Only needed in combination with tape backup of course.
INITRD_FS Filesystem type used by initial ramdisk (ext2, msdos, romfs, cramfs). Default is ext2.
ROOT_FS Filesystem type used by root ramdisk (ext2, ext3, reiserfs, xfs). Default is ext2. 
Warning: for ext3 you need to patch the 2.2.x kernel with patches from
REMOTE_COMMAND Either rsh or ssh. Currently only used in combination with remote tape handling. Default is ssh.
EXCLUDE_LIST List of directories which should be excluded during backup. Of course, it also means they cannot be restored too. Default is /tmp/*, /proc/*, /mnt/* 
 - "/test" will exclude all items in /test (if /test is a directory), also /test will NOT exist upon restore 
- "/test/*" will exclude all items in the directory /test, but /test will be created upon restore
SCSI_MODULES List of kernel modules which must be included on the ram disk. Be aware that 'lsmod' is being used to build the list of modules, but this one is rather for those which cannot be seen at make time, e.g. laptop with SCSI card not in slot.
List of any network modules needed which cannot be detected (default 3c59x)
List of modules which should not be copied to the ram disk (default empty).
OTHER_MODULES Any other module which may be useful. May be empty.
MKDIR_LIST List of direcories which have to be made when ram disk is being filles with files. Normally it should be OK to leave as it is.
ETC_FILES List of files which have to be copied to the ramdisks /etc directory
BINARIES List all executables of /bin, /usr/bin or /sbin which have to copied to the ramdisk. Executables which are already included with BusyBox are skipped.
LINKS List of symbolic links to be made on the ramdisk.
BURNCDR After making an ISO9660 image burn immediately a CDR (default is no).
CDRECORD cdrecord program to burn CDR
SCSIDEVICE SCSI address of CD-writer - use "cdrecord -scanbus" to fill in the desired numbers. Default is "0,4,0"
Run "make test" to know the value.
WRITERSPEED The CD-writer speed (default 2).
BLANK_CDRW "y" to automatically blank the CD-RW
CD_EJECT To automatically eject the CD after burning
MAXCDSIZE The capacity of the CDR (default 670000 Kb). The size can be 4300000 Kb when using DVD-R and dvdrecord (for CDRECORD).
Any options you need for cdrecord (default empty)
CMP_PROG The compress program used can be gzip, bzip2, lzop,... (default is gzip).
CMP_PROG_OPT Options needed by compress program (c is mandatory for use of stdout)
CHECK_BAD_BLOCKS Should mkfs check for bad blocks before making the filesystems? The "-c" option checks for bad blocks (default), empty string doesn't.
Empty string speeds up the restore phase a lot, but no bad block check is done!
DEVFS Device Filesystem (do for /dev what proc does for /proc). Default is 0. 
Warning: CONFIG_DEVFS_FS=y and CONFIG_DEVFS_MOUNT=y is needed in linux' .config file (recompile if needed)
Run "make test" and it will tell you it is correct or not.
MAN_PAGES list of man pages to include on rescue CD-ROM
MKISOFS If you change it use abolute path to mkisofs (default mkisofs)
KERNEL_APPEND if you need to add some additional parameters at boot time, e.g. vga=794 or devfs=mount (sometimes needed with Mandrake). Default is empty.
MKCDREC_MODULES add additional startup modules, e.g. rh_pppoe sshd
FIXED_SIZE Only usefull for cloning! List of partition which have to stay fixed in size, e.g. /dev/hda1. Note: FAT partitions do not have to be listed.
CIPHER Encryption cipher to use (only openssl allowed: overview with "openssl -enc") 
For non-interactive mode you need a secret file ($HOME/.secret) 
Warning: chmod 600 this file! Be aware: once encrypted and you loose the key, you loose it all! 
Default is "none"
PreExec String with commands to be executed before starting the backups, e.g. shutdown database
PostExec String with commands to be executed when backups are finished
SERIAL Serial console, e.g. ttyS0 (default empty). For IA64 fill in "ttyS0" to use the lan console.
BAUDRATE Speed (default 9600) of SERIAL device.
FORCE_DHCP_SUPPORT Say 'Y' to always force DHCP from mkCDrec (default=N). In combination with PXE make sure this value is N.
Use a DVD-writer: 0 for no, 1 for yes (default 0). Limited support - assume growisofs is used. Any help is appreciated.
Automatic Disaster Recovery mode (default=n). CD-ROM restores after automatically (after 20 seconds) the complete system. Needless to say this is an usefull option, but at the time very dangerous! Use at your own risk.
The size of the initial ramdisk. Use "make test" to find the correct value.
Isolinux is used by default to boot from CD-ROM. If for some reason you want to force syslinux instead use "true" instead of "false". Default is false.
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