mkCDrec Make CD-ROM Recovery


Much of the components of this mkCDrec application were made by other people. I've just put together some GNU/Linux tools to have a disaster recovery solution, that fits my purposes (as described in the  introduction). A special thanks goes to the following people:

Jörg Schilling : cdrecord used to burn the backup CD-Rs
Eric Youngdale : the Linux isofs9660 filesystem and the mkisofs utility
H. Peter Anvin : syslinux/isolinux the initial boot routines to start from CD
Erik Andersen : busybox (all-in-one command) for the ram root (keep everything below 4 Mb).
Cory Dodt : author of repairlix which was used as basis for making a bootable CD-ROM
... and many, many people of the GNU/Linux community!

Special thanks is well on its place for the following mkCDrec contributors:

Companies contributing to the project:

The following people wrote pieces of new code, or helped debgugging it, or gave advise: W. Michael Petullo (MAC ppc support), Franky van Liedekerke, Jason Bertschi, Ron Yorston, Guillaume Radde (IA64 support), Anne-Marie Wunderlin (IA64 support), docsonic (debian packager), Stephan Hendl, Schlomo Schapiro, Mubashir Cheema, Rainer Anschober, Chris Strasburg, Matthew Fidler, Tobias Jahn, Thomas Aeby, Luc Saillard

For all those we forgot to mention - a great thank you!

My name is  Gratien D'haese and I made this Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkCDrec) tool in the first place to suite my purposes to restore GNU/Linux based firewall systems in a fly. It should work for any linux based system as long as a El Torito bootable CD-ROMs can be burned and used to boot from.

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