mkCDrec Make CD-ROM Recovery


Please start with the introduction on how to work with mkCDrec followed by installation and getting started.

A must read is the file to customize mkCDrec to your needs.

The /etc/recovery page and internals explain how mkCDrec works behind the scenes.

An howto PDF document (mkCDrec Howto) has been written on how the restore works, and in more particular interactive  (non-automatic) restores and how to work with the optional tools (mkCDrec Utilities).

The same mkCDrec Howto in HTML is also available online.


  • November 29th. 2003, OTA GNU/Linux-SIG, Brussels (Belgium)
Title: Making mkCDrec PXE aware
For: GNU/Linux-SIG 28 Workshop of the Open Technology Assembly in Brussels.
  • November 25th. 2000, OTA GNU/Linux-SIG, Brussels (Belgium)
Title: Disaster Recovery: Be Prepared
For: GNU/Linux-SIG 24 Workshop of the Open Technology Assembly in Brussels.
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