mkCDrec Make CD-ROM Recovery

The /etc/recovery directory

Below you will find a list of what directory /etc/recovery could contain. It actually depend on your amount of disks, therefore, it could contain much more than what is listed here, but it gives you an idea...

Backup_made_at_15.12.2000 Date of the backup, otherwise, it starts with CDrec_...
RESTORE_PATH Contains the location of the backups
To_Restore Contains the file systems to restore
VERSION Version of mkCDrec Script with color magic (borrowed from CRU) The clone disk script
df.duvel Output of 'df' command on host 'duvel' (used by script)
fstab.duvel Output of /etc/fstab of system 'duvel' (for your reference in case you want manual interaction)
geometry.sda The geometry of disk /dev/sda (sfdisk -g output) The keyboard map of the original system Script to restore all root directories (run from and
mkfs.sda Script to make the file systems Script to make the swap partition
mtab.duvel The mtab file of the original system (for reference)
partitions.sda The partition layout of disk /dev/sda (output from sfdisk -d command)
sfdisk.sda Script to create the partition layout of disk /dev/sda (only used by
size.sda The size of disk /dev/sda (output of sfdisk -s). Used by script
size.swap Size of the swap space (used by script) The start-restore script itself.
used.sda The actual used size on /dev/sda
CompressedWith Contains the executable used to compress archives
EncryptedWith Blank means no encryption, or which cipher used script used to ask for other volume while restoring your keyboard definition
mbr.hda dd if=/dev/hda of=mbr.hda bs=512 count=1 library of functions used by and
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