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Changelog of v0.9.9

The latest release of mkCDrec contains the following updates:

 - install linuxrc as init and renamed all linuxrc entries into
   init (gdha, 03/Spe/2008)
 - added else statement for Data Protector (gdha, 02/Sep/2008)
 - mv linuxrc init instead of hard link - seems to be needed
   for ubuntu 8.04 (gdha, 02/Sep/2008)
 - applied patch SF#2038825 (gdha, 01/Sep/2008)
 -;; inetd.conf; applied patch from
   [ 2038532 ] Support for DataProtector 6.x (gdha, 01/Sep/2008)
 - bug SF#2080526 fixed: missing libc6 in debian (gdha,
 - added #!/bin/bash for Ubuntu 8.04 (gdha, 29/Aug/2008)
 - linuxrc, linuxrc_find_and_prep: updated for rootfs=rmafs (gdha,
 -,, added support for ROOT_FS being
   made in initramfs format. Works better on newer distros (gdha, 25/Aug/2008)
 - unset CONFIG_IFUPDOWN for OpenSuse 10.3 (gdha, 25/Aug/2008)
 - etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit: changed fi;if clausaule into elif for starting
   syslog (gdha, 25/Aug/2008)
 - usr/man/busbix.gz: updated bb man page (gdha, 25/Aug/2005)
 - Test 4: added err=0 at the beginning of the test so test can
   pass when bothe ROOT_FS and INITRD_FS are ramfs (gdha, 25/Aug/2008)
 - removed '-s' from linking linuxrc to init which was 
   needed to work with switch_root command (gdha, 22/Aug/2008)
 - added fstab-decode to BINARIES for FC9 (gdha, 22/Aug/2008)
 - busybox: upgraded to busybox-1.12.0 (gdha, 22/Aug/2008)
 - when using ramfs make ram1 512 bytes bigger then defined
   to avoid out of space (gdha, 21/Aug/2008)
 - added udevadm to BINARIES; added 'ramfs' as a method
   to work with ROOT_FS (2th ramdisk) (gdha, 20/Aug/2008)
 - added test_write to DESTINATION_PATH as advised via
   SF discussion forum by Olivier Kaloudoff (gdha, 18/Jul/2008)
 -" lvm2 routine - fixed SF#1867501 report (gdha, 11/Jul/2008)
 - added suggestion SF#1996635 to prompt function to avoid
   accidents when writing CDs (gdha, 11/Jul/2008)
 - addeed init.d/functions to ETC_FILES (gdha, 09/Jul/2008)
 - messages/*: update copyright line 2007 to 2008 (gdha, 08/Jul/2008)
 - if isolinux is not found make ISOLINUX="" (gdha, 01/Jul/2008)
 - put " around ISOLINUX test (gdha, 01/Jul/2008)
 - linuxrc: add sleep 15 for slow tape drives in case of OBDR (gdha,
 - avoid copying (0x00007fff869fe000) alike libs to the
   ramdisk (Ubuntu Hardy has problems with it) (gdha, 29/May/2008)
 - avoid copying (0x00007fff869fe000) alike libs to the
   ramdisk (Ubuntu Hardy has problems with it) (gdha, 29/May/2008)
 - Fix problem with SWAPLABEL bug #1938904 (gdha, 29/May/2008)
 - Create parted script procedure - added Model to the exclude
   list (gdha, 20/May/2008)
 - added lib32 and usr/lib32 to MKDIR_LIST for Ubuntu Hardy 8.0
   (gdha, 19/May/2008)
 - fix typo (gdha, 07/Mar/2008)
 - CDRECORD entries (cdrecord/wodim) (gdha, 06/Mar/2008)
 - USBKEY_DEV adaption needed after applying the patch of
   Christian Werner (gdha, 06/Mar/2008)
 - avoid writing empty USBKEY_DEV file (gdha, 29/Feb/2008)
 - grep dev in To_Restore was not full-proof to find tabs
   - corrected this (gdha, 27/Feb/2008)
 - change MY_TYY=`tty` into  MY_TTY=`tty | awk '{print $1}'`
   to work properly on SLES10 (gdha, 27/Feb/2008)
 - add var/lib/empty and /var/lib/dhcp for SLES10 to MKDIR_LIST
   (gdha, 27/Feb/2008)
 - major patch integration offered by Christian Werner to add USB disk
   booting support to mkCDrec (27/Feb/2008)
 - Makefile.x86: if contruct for clean part. It now checks if the file
   /etc/mkcdrec.conf exists (gdha, 13/Feb/2008)
 - touch var/log/lastlog for SLES10 (gdha, 06/Dec/2007)
 - adding piix to INITRD_MODULES list for SuSe (gdha, 06/Dec/2007)

The complete Changelog is also available.

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