mkCDrec Make CD-ROM Recovery

ToDo List

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Description Accepted Foreseen by
support for LVM tools + restoring LVM yes (20 Nov. 2000) done
support for NTFS partitions yes  (17 Aug. 2001) done
improve tape management yes (22 Dec. 2000) ongoing
Add perl yes (17 Aug. 2001) done
Add DVD-RW support yes (17 Oct. 2002) done
LVM+RAID1 support yes (13 Dec. 2002) partial done
Clone a software RAID disk to a single IDE/SCSI disk
yes (4 Mar. 2004)
Automatic restore via CD-ROM (no human interaction)
yes (28 Mar. 2004)
Move isolinux into mkCDrec core
yes (22 Mar. 2005)
IT3 Support needed?
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